Hi all, read most of the well known popular fantasy out there at the moment and in doing so have discovered that I prefer the political intrigue and mysterious side to the massive bloody battles and huge epic fantasy with 50 main characters.

Books where the main character discovers something terrible and no one will believe him, and.. oh wait the powerful, friendly and wise MrX will believe me for sure! 'talks to MrX, he believes me!, and he is just about to make it all right and OHHH NOOO hes been horribly assassinated and whats more I have been framed for the murder! now everyone hates me and everyone loves the real culprit. Oh whats happening now, the murderer is making a move on my friend and love interest I must warn her, she doesnt believe me and is slowley turned against me and everythings falling apart, now me and my crew of misfits gotta sort it out. - Really love this type of thing.

Anyways been looking about for weeks and weeks and cant find any series that catches my interest, the best I have read so far is the Farseer trilogy or Mordants need and have searched this forum many times.

Currently reading the Drizzt series but not really my thing, seems kinda childish and predictable so would love some suggestions or links to similar discussions, preferably something thats finished.