Hello lovely Pellinorites

It's been too long, I agree! I won't bore you with everything I've been doing, but I have been superbusy. I'll bore you with just one thing. I have a new book out. Not a Pellinor book: this one is a gothic fantasy called Black Spring. Now available in Australia, out in the UK in January and in the US in fall 2013 (I think).

On Monday 8pm AEST (that's Australian Eastern Standard Time) I'll be doing a chat on twitter, hosted by Walker Books Australia, if anyone wants to check in. Hashtag is #BlackSpringchat and Walker says they're giving away three copies of the book.

In other news, a nice review came through yesterday. Well, it's not just nice. It's fabulous!

Every so often one chances upon a novel so uplifting, enthralling and immersive that it becomes a struggle to put it down. Alison Croggon’s latest fantasy tale is just such a book.

In other news, I finished another non-Pellinor book, Simbala's Book, and Sekrit Business is ongoing with that. It will be out in due course. And I'm hard at work on the Cadvan prequel, which I'm hoping to finish by the end of the year. (So far, so good. Yes, Dernhil is in it. But I'm saying nothing more.)

Hope you're all well. And maybe talk to some of you on twitter!

Much love