Hello all, first post here!

I recently read the 1994 Ben Bova book called To Fear the Light. As I was reading it, some of the concepts seemed familiar, and I remembered a story written by Gordon R. Dickson called Call him Lord from 1966.

So I reread the latter novelette, and the basic world setting are very similar in both books. Almost as though the later book copied from the original. I did not find any credit to Dickson.


Similarities in setting:
1. A "100 worlds" empire, with an Emperor without much power, but whom keeps the Empire united.
2. An Earth that is used as a kind of genetic repository, non-changing, where people don't change like they do in the "100 worlds".
3. The existence of tutors in the Emperors home, that tutor and raise the family, to the extent that the name of one of the tutors is identical: Montlaven!

True, any one of these ideas can be generic, but not all 3 in the same book.

Any comments?