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Also, if there are any Sci-Fi new generation authors that got a raw, rough, violent, crude storytelling style like GRRM (ASOIAF), Steven Erikson (Malazan) and so, I would also like to have some recommendations on them.

If there are sci-fi new generation books that got both the Newtonian Physics and GRRM like storytelling, that would be paradise, lol.
Iain M Banks is your man. The culture novels have some pretty hardcore characters and while nothing like as grimy as Erikson, his style is a little more towards that realistic grubbyness that makes it all seem a bit more human.

And as someone else said above: The Algebraist. It has a nice meaty battle with more realistic physics in it, but it's combined with a bit of super-science as well. Oh, and one seriously evil motherf***** is in it as well for your enjoyment.