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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike0101010101 View Post
    Also, if there are any Sci-Fi new generation authors that got a raw, rough, violent, crude storytelling style like GRRM (ASOIAF), Steven Erikson (Malazan) and so, I would also like to have some recommendations on them.

    If there are sci-fi new generation books that got both the Newtonian Physics and GRRM like storytelling, that would be paradise, lol.
    Iain M Banks is your man. The culture novels have some pretty hardcore characters and while nothing like as grimy as Erikson, his style is a little more towards that realistic grubbyness that makes it all seem a bit more human.

    And as someone else said above: The Algebraist. It has a nice meaty battle with more realistic physics in it, but it's combined with a bit of super-science as well. Oh, and one seriously evil motherf***** is in it as well for your enjoyment.

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    If there are sci-fi new generation books that got both the Newtonian Physics and GRRM like storytelling, that would be paradise, lol.
    Someone already mentioned Stephen Donaldson's Gap series, which I will second. It directly influenced ASoIaF (GRRM nicked Donaldson's rotating-POV structure with each chapter named after the character it's about) and has realistic physics apart from the 'gap' itself, a form of FTL through space-folding.

    There's also the Expanse series by James S.A. Corey (a pen-name for GRRM's friend Daniel Abraham and his assistant, Ty Franck) which takes some influence from GRRM and uses fully realistic physics, with no FTL.

    Peter F. Hamilton's Night's Dawn Trilogy also fits the bill, aside from its FTL which is quantum-based. The actual space combat sequences are done using Newtonian physics and also more realistic-than-normal tactics (such as the use of unmanned drones for combat at distances of tens of thousands of miles).

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    Good Sci-Fi books with NEWTONIAN SPACE TRAVEL recommendations

    Fallen Dragon by Peter F. Hamilton is based upon the story regarding the deployment of invulnerable 25th century soldiers called Skins, Zantiu-Braun's corporate starships loot entire planets. But as the Skins invade bucolic Thallspring, Z-B's strategy is about to go awry, all because of: Sgt. Lawrence Newton, a dreamer whose twenty years as a Skin have destroyed his hopes and desires; Denise Ebourn, a school teacher and resistance leader whose guerrilla tactics rival those of Che Guevara and George Washington and Simon Roderick, the director who serves Z-B with a dedication that not even he himself can understand. Grimly determined to steal, or protect, a mysterious treasure, the three players engage in a private war that will explode into unimaginable quests for personal grace or galactic domination.


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