Im thinking of SPACE/sci fi type of assassin style of novels. or even mercenary. it has to be in space, or just really futuristic. kinda like dues ex but in space and less cyberpunk. are there such titles around??

Ive been reading space opera books like enders game and old man's war, and now im looking for something of smaller scale, like some skilled assassin/mercenary or even thief story which revolves around the characters and setting, instead of big epic battles.
The main character could be an assassin/mercenary/thief/bounty hunter. for example, the upcoming star wars game, 'Star Wars 1313' features a bounty hunter adventure and trying to uncover a truth to a criminal conspiracy. is there any books out there similar to this? but not star wars? or like kasumi goto from mass effect, a master thief in space!

thanks guys! Im new here btw..