Orphans of the Celestial Sea is a Steampunk serial chronicling the adventures of Tom Cain and his misfit crew as they try to unravel the mysteries surrounding their airship Hecate and the plague of psychosis-inducing Mist which is slowly destroying human civilization.

It is hosted free on my blog, BrassBolts, and the first episode is available in most e-reader formats on Smashwords. If you do stop by the blog, or download from Smashwords, I'd love to hear what you think. I've been getting great feedback so far, here's what readers have been saying:

"ARG! You swine! I must know what happens next!
Great opening chapter. If you can sustain this pace, you have an absolute winner." AdamX 5 weeks ago

"When you started this I said 'if you can sustain the pace...'
My god, you're still accelerating!
This is so exciting!" - AdamX two days ago

"Great writing, very much looking forward to more." - Jessica

"This was fantastic. I absolutely love the ideas behind it, and the use of accented dialogue was superb. A lot of people can't pull that off but you did it well. Awesome how you combine aspects of steampunk, fantasy, and zombies." - C.H.

"Wow! Again, exciting and loads of momentum. I love it." - James Murray

"Loving it so far!!! I never read on the computer, I love sitting in bed with a paperback, but I can't stop reading this!" - Diana Lewall