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    Anything similar to the Twilight series

    just finished the last book and am hungry for something similar to twilight or first law trilogy

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    I couldn't think of two more contrasting series of books. Imagine the Twilight characters in the First Law universe. "Excuse me Edward, your getting sparkle on my axe. You must die." A series I've enjoyed recently had been The Carthrand Voyage by Robert V.S. Redick. The first book is The Red Wolf Conspiracy and the final volume is being released soon. Definitely more like First Law than Twilight.

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    Take a look at the Urban Fantasy, especially Jim Butcher and Ilona Andrews.

    There's also a TV show called Vampire Diaries that's kind of similar to Twilight.

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    oh god, i hope not!

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    Why waste time with Twilight when you could have red the far superior Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice?

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