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    What horror stories/novels are u reading for Halloween?

    pretty simple question. Reading a TON of shorts lately, but putting some focus on the novel adaptations of the first 3 Halloween films this year.


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    I'm going to point out our traditional thread here, Matt, where this is being discussed:


    Been 6 + years we've been doing this, and Randy has some GOOD suggestions.


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    Thanks, Mark.

    Matt, by all means add whatever you're reading to the other thread. I know I blather on quite a bit, but I don't mean to dominate the thread, just offer suggestions by discussing what I've enjoyed.

    This month I've read The Croning by Laird Barron -- good novel which I'll send a review of tomorrow -- and now I'm reading The Book of Horrors edited by Stephen Jones, which I'm enjoying. So far, the King story is strong, and there's a story by Angela Slatter (think that's right) that is excellent and which I expect will make some year's best volumes.

    Randy M.

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    Just started Grimm Memorials, which I had never heard of and ran across while surfing Amazon. So far it is interesting.....

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