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    Thank you all for the suggestions

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    They aren't vampire porn. As porn, they are utterly lousy. And yes, the series has a hoodoo aspect. Blake uses those practices in her reanimator job.

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    981 learn something new every day. I always thought Hoodoo was a deliberate misspelling or mispronunciation of Voodoo and used as a mockery.

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    Afraid it's a gap in my reading, too, Mark. It's been so long since I saw the movie, I'm not even sure how much it fits the request, though I do recall at least one scene with a voodoo ritual.

    Randy M.
    It's a long time since I read the book but I remember it being very good indeed - better than the Alan Parker movie.

    British author Steve Harris wrote a book in the early 90s called Hoodoo Man which, title alone, suggests it might be applicable. I haven't read it, though, so can't say for sure.

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