Please check out the bracket here:

In order to vote on the winner of each matchup you must register. But there is no email verification if you just want to vote. So plug in any email, and hurry and vote for your winners!

So instead of the standard 1v1 cage match. Since we all know the end would probably be Rake vs Icarium. Let's mix it up, since I am eager to do one and see how it turns out. I have grouped up various players and will insert them into a bracket and we can see who comes out on top. It's very hard to get groups together with people who are connected somehow. Also hard to get 64 groups that are somewhat similar in strength. There are stronger and weaker groups for sure, but after much time spent editing the groups I think this is pretty good.

I will probably have each round take roughly a week.

I added in the "Discussion" on that website a quick description of each character in the group. Most should know everyone listed, but just in case someone doesn't.

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Credit JLV for the "groups" idea.