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    ROUND THREE COMPLETE. Please go back to the website and vote for Quarter finals / Elite Eight!:

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    Quarter Finals are done! Go back and vote for the Semi's. 4 left!

    Shadowthrone and Cottillion defeat Rake and Crone
    Draconus and Sheltatha Lore defeat Dassem and Seguleh Jan
    Quickben and Taycheren defeat the BridgeBurners
    Hood and Gothos defeat Karsa, Leoman, and Kiska

    The Shadow gods vs Team overpowered Jaghut.
    Quickben and Tay vs Draconus and his dragon wife

    I don't know how you can vote against the gods of shadow. But if you had to, it would be this team to beat them. Hood and Gothos combined? How can anyone beat that.

    The other matchup depends on what part of QB/Tay you see them as. The fist few books or the last book. Nearly unstoppable in the last book, while just strong mages in the first. Draconus accidentally killed an entire that's power.

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    Slightly disappointing that we had 20+ votes for round 2 and less and less each round. Only 4 votes for the semi-finals. I'm going to keep the voting open for another week, hope to get more votes!

    Shadowthrone and Cottillion vs Hood and Gothos
    Draconus and Sheltatha Lore vs Quickben and Taycheren

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    Don't really understand why it's fun to think about this and to vote, but somehow it is.

    Just voted for team Hood (just him and any other character, my money would be on Shadowthrone c.s. - but old Gothos has some tricks up his sleeve that will surprise even Ammanas...)

    And Quickben and Tayschrenn have enough magic and wits between them to best Draconus & Sheltatha (although no one would ever be able afterwards to describe it as a fair fight)

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    Final Battle.

    Hood and Gothos vs Quickben and Tayschrenn

    On their way to the finals Hood and Gothos had some battles. They started out with the Imass siblings Tool and Kilava. From there they had to defeat two ancient powers Raest and Edgewalker. And right after that they were tasked with fighting Icarium and his friend Mappo. Barely walked away from that one. Karsa, Leoman, and Kiska were next. With Karsa's ability to absorb magic attacks this was much harder than first assumed. Then finally they were tasked with beating the God of Shadows and the God of Assassins. Not easy for anyone, but here we are. Now in a final battle with the two strongest mortal sorcerers we know of.

    Quick and Tay didn't have it much easier. Their first battle was more or less the Goddess of Assassins along with Cutter and Greyfrog. After that they had to battle a giant lizard assassin and two ascendants Gesler and Stormy. Then on to their hardest battle to date. K'Rul and Kruppe. They did not expect to defeat an Elder god, let alone the maker of the warrens. After that narrow victory they had to fight their friends the Bridge Burners. And after all of that they are told Draconus now stands in their path. And somehow they get around him only to find the God of Death and the fabled Gothos now blocking their way. Is it possible?

    Cast your vote:

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    Winner: HOOD AND GOTHOS!

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