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    Opinions on Karen Miller?

    I was thinking about reading a couple of books by Karen Miller ("Kingmaker, Kingbreaker" series), but some mixed reviews in Goodreads have me a bit wary. Could you give me some honest opinions on her books?


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    It has been years since i read the first two books of the series and I have not read the third book but I do remember enjoying them. I'm thinking they were geared more to younger readers? I know there is an omnibus out now that covers the first two books of the series.

    I also read her Rogue Agent books written under the K.E. Mills name and they are for sure written for a younger audience.

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    I've read the two series, and enjoyed them (clearly…otherwise I'd have bailed out well before the end).

    I don't think they are specifically marketed as young fantasy, but clearly (like most fantasy) they is nothing to stop a youngster enjoying them.

    I wouldn't rate them as among the very best fantasy. But for me they are a really good solid enjoyable read, and I'm surprised at just how varied reader reaction has been to them. (For example, just had a look at Amazon ratings, and there's as many giving books in series 1 stars as 5 star with votes in between spread pretty evenly. I really can't understand that spread…. I expected large majority of votes to be in 4 to 3 star range.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heather Myst View Post
    I also read her Rogue Agent books written under the K.E. Mills name and they are for sure written for a younger audience.
    The only book of hers I've tried is Accidental Mage the first book in the Rogue Agent series that she wrote as K.E. Mills. It had looked fun and interesting when I picked it up but that all quickly waned. Chapters began ending in the same way, major editing mistakes every chapter such as duplicate paragraphs or entire pages with the duplicates being a different version of the prior sequence. I haven't been interested in any of her work since.

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    With as much good stuff that's out there, I don't think she's worth the time. I read Kingmaker/Kingbreaker but really struggled with finishing the sequel. So, no, instead try Blood Song, Emperor's Blades, Dagger and Coin, Malazan, A Song of Ice and Fire, Wheel of Time, Psalms of Isaak, the Red Knight, A Land Fit for Heroes, the Broken Empire, the First Law, the Gentlemen Bastards, Grim Company, Caine's Law, the Long Price Quartet, Promise of Blood, Memory, Sorrow, Thorn, .....first, then try Deathgate Cycle, Crown of Stars, C.J Cheryh's Towers, J.V. Jones, David Drake......then Sanderson..... a bunch more I can't call to mind and then maybe Karen Miller.

    And I'm being serious. Everything I just named is similar in setting but much, much better.

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    If your going to give her a try I would go with the Kingmaker/Kingbreaker series for sure. The Rogue Agent books had a character that was so childish that it remind me of Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars.

    Amazon's web site will let you read a sample of the book. You might try that to see what you think before making a purchase.

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    I am not a fan, Empress turned me off to her work for good. That novel had the most annoying chacater in any book I've finished reading. Miller did a few interesting things in the novel, but overall, too many logic leaps and supremely annoying character ticks from the protagonist.

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    Thanks. I think for the moment I'll listen to your advice and read something else...

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