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    The Demonata by Darren Shan

    Just got blown away by a YA horror series called The Demonata by Darren Shan. Actually, scratch the YA part. I don't care how or why the publisher classified it as YA, there was just way too much gore and grotesqueness to ever considered it such; not to mention the assorted psychological mindf**ks that accompanies them.

    Just read this excerpt and see for yourself.

    BLOOD everywhere. Nightmarish splashes and gory pools. Wild streaks across the floor and walls.

    Except the walls aren’t walls. I’m surrounded on all four sides by*webs. Millions of strands, thicker than my arm, some connecting in orderly designs, others running chaotically apart. Many of the strands are stained with blood. Behind the layer of webs, more layers — banks of them stretching back as far as I can see. Infinite.

    My eyes snap from the walls. I make quick, mental thumbnails of other details. Numb. Functioning like a machine.
    The dripping sound — a body hanging upside down from the webby ceiling in the center of the room. No head. Blood drops to the floor from the gaping red O of the neck. Even without the head, I recognize him.

    “DAD!” I scream, and the cry almost rips my vocal chords apart.

    To my left, an obscene creature spins round and snarls. It has the body of a very large dog, the head of a crocodile. Beneath it, motionless — Mom. Or what’s left of her.

    A dreadful howl to my right. Gret! Sitting on the floor, staring at me, weaving sideways, her face white, except where it’s smeared with blood. I start to call to her. She half-turns, and I realize that she’s been split in two. Something’s behind her, in the cavity at the back, moving her like a hand puppet.

    The “something” pushes Gret away. It’s a child, but no child of this world. It has the body of a three-year-old, with a head much larger than any normal person’s. Pale green skin. No eyes — a small ball of fire flickers in each of its empty sockets. No hair — yet its head is alive with movement. As the hell-child advances, I see that the objects on its head are cockroaches. Living. Feeding on its rotten flesh.

    The crocodile-dog moves away from Mom and also closes in on me, exchanging glances with the monstrous child, who’s narrowing the gap.

    I can’t move. Fear has seized me completely. I look from Mom to Dad to Gret. All red. All dead.

    Impossible! This isn’t happening! A bad dream — it*must*be!

    But even in my very worst nightmare, I never imagined anything like this. I know that it’s real, simply because it’s too awful not to be.
    Holy crap, reading this gave me such goosebumps. It felt so vivid, especially the part where the demon was using the sister's corpse as a toy.

    The series contains ten books and is narrated by 3 protagonists. It mostly deals with the world of demons called The Demonata, which further breaks down into its own separate universes. The three protagonists are first introduced in separate volumes, each containing the prefaces of each individuals. They are introduced in different time frames, but as the time in the demon world move differently than ours, their paths eventually crossed and merged into a war for survival.

    The series is ripe with magic and fighting. The first protagonist, Grubbs, is the first magician to be born in centuries, yet despite all his powers, he is admittedly a coward. Fleck, through tragic events, is left without a home. Using his gift of portal, he forges a new life in the demon world. And the priestess Bec, born 1600 years before the other two protagonists, witnessed the beginning of it all. It will be up to her to warn the others of what is to come.

    I do a lot of light reading. I was expecting to do a quick mindless read, something simple and enjoyable, and then go back to the heavy hitter stuff. But what I got out of this series was anything but simple. It was a fantastic read and I highly recommend it.
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    Sounds interesting Nuttz. I think I'll have to take a look at this.

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