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    I'm excited about Justice League movie

    The idea of a Justice League movie being made becomes more and more probable. WB could even skip the tie-ins because enough people know the big 3. I'd love to see a World's Finest first though. I think a good JL movie would blow up the box office ratings. Anyone else salivating at the prospect?

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    I look forward to it. I know it is in the works, but DC needs to get their act together as everything that comes out the rumor mill is that they are not organized in any shape or form. At least Marvel set up a director to approve the direction of all the movies and scripts. DC needs someone to run the films the same way. They took the first step with Nolan in charge of Man of Steel but they need to go one more step and give someone total control of the titles and get the ball rolling.

    I'll be the first in line for any Marvel/DC movie as I am a huge fan of both companies heroes, but Marvel certainly is a class act when it comes to their overall strategy. DC could use a similar set up and they too would have great success.

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    I would be excited about a JL movie. Since I was a kid, I've always been a huge fan of both DC and Marvel characters (seems like you always run into people who either favor one stable over the other). That being said, a Justice League movie is going to have to bring it's very best game, if it's going to compete with or even possibly beat The Avengers.

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