Why do we need new origin stories for EVERY new version of a superhero? I just watched the trailer for Man of Steel, which appears to be ANOTHER origin story. In case you're counting, that's 3 for the big screen in 30 yrs - if you take at face value Superman Returns really was a different story than C.Reeves versions). Really? Do we need that? It doesn't do anything to forward the story of Superman, which is what is most exciting about his character. It's just a waste of 45 minutes of film explaining a known background and not getting into the real meat of the plot.

Hey Hollywood. We KNOW he was born on Krypton. We KNOW he was shipped to Earth just before said planet was blown up. We KNOW he was found by the Kent's and raised in Kansas, that his dad died when he was in HS, that his fortress of solitude is near the north pole, that he works at the Daily Planet, and that he has a thing for any woman with the initials LL.

Get on with it. I'd rather them just start up somewhere after he's been around for a few years.

And Batman. I assume since the Dark Knight trilogy is over, the next rendition of Batman will have a new origin to it. Yah-hoo.