I need a good zombie novel to exist. I need it. My soul needs it. I've been pouring over goodreads trying to find some possibilities and it seems like the market is so niche there are very few good authors bothering. I get the impression that "allowances" need to be made to enjoy them. Such as putting up with shallow characters and bad prose. But there simply has to be a good classic zombie story out there: zombies rise up, civilization falls, and people try to survive.

Mira Grant's series seems to be the only consistently praised series (or even stand alone), but it also sounds like it's not the standard zombie story. I do have Feed in my TBR and I'll read it soon, but I'm really looking for the one, the zombie book that clearly stands atop the rest . . . or even just the zombie book that is actually a good book, and not just a good book for a zombie book.

Any ideas?