It starts with Jarred seeing things. Shadow things. He’s battled his share of things from myth and nightmare—homicidal goblins, blood-thirsty trolls, terrorist monster-summoners and their elemental servants, for example—but he can’t say he’s encountered a Shadow with a mind of its own... or the sense of evil that it exudes, an evil he can feel deep in his bones. And they’re watching him. Constantly.

The cerebral lizards might have answers for Jarred. They also have the answers to a lot of questions about the world, the universe and the fabric of reality, and unfortunately, like metaphorical dragons sitting on their metaphorical hordes of gold, the lizards are loathe to part with information. So Jarred has to do something for them: help a military enclave fend off a zombie horde. A walk in the park, obviously. Except that said park is full of razor wire, booby traps and land mines, and the prominent defence force figures he has to convince are bunkered down in a Sanctum... and fighting for their lives against the most insidious of foes, with a hunger that cannot be filled.

Just another everyday mission for Jarred and his group of merry mercenaries.

- - - -

These shadows are actually being projected backwards in time from a summoning ritual to summon something massive and world-ending. The lizardmen are psychics who enjoy hanging out in wine cellars debating Marxism and Quantum Theory/Mechanics. I should brush up on that (read: learn about them). Any suggested sources? I'd like to sound credible, or at least like not a total caveman.

It's book 3 or 4 in a series. Depends on how a prior one turns out, which is looking more of a short story than anything longer. Don't know what I'll do with that one. But that's a tangent.