Hey all;

I have been unable to identify 2 books that I read in hardcover at the library in the mid-80s... I believe from the "new" cart at that time.

All I remember from the first is that "King" and/or "Mate" were probably in the title and that at some point, perhaps the climax, two characters are engaged in a telekinetic duel over a dagger, but are so closely matched that neither can prevail until one reaches out and physically stabs the other (this was slightly fresher in the 80s). Deryni Checkmate doesn't really fit the timeframe, but if someone could verify or nullify this scene in that book, that would be great.

The second was perhaps an anthology of short stories that skipped across decades in the history of a monastery of some type. I remember that the final story had all but one monk dead of some sort of plague, and the monastery clogged with dead refugees from a nearby community. The last monk was fevered and hallucinating from disease and imagined (I hope) a most un-monastic encounter with a suddenly animate female villager's corpse. The cover of the book featured a mask-like face whose right edge was peeling off in furls like tree bark or a flag.