Hello gang. I recently came across an old thread in the fantasy forum where members discussed good fantasy books that have undeservedly been forgotten. So I thought it might be useful if we did a similar sort of thing here. I know a lot of people on these forums are very widely read and have been reading the genre for 40 odd years.

So, with this in mind, has anyone got any recommendations? For me, personally, I enjoy contemporary science fiction but I'm also interested in older works. I've read quite a few of the Sci-Fi Masterworks, and have been reading various older stories on my kindle. So if there are good neglected works by well known authors or authors who have simply been forgotten, then let me know

By the way, I'm not imposing any strict criteria on what counts as 'classic'. I'm specifically thinking of works from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, just because I feel that publications from these times may have been forgotten. Basically, all I'm after is some good old sci-fi that deserves to be passed on to present fans