Hey everyone, my name's Eric Nierstedt, and as you might've guessed I wrote a book. I'm not gonna tell you everything about it (gotta get you to read the thing after all), but I can say that if you're bored of magical teenage saviours and/or drippy 'supernatural' romances, and wnat something new, then I can promise you that. Want more? Here's a story about a man plucked from death by the gods in order to lead a group of beast-men in a never ending quest to balance good and evil on earth. And not only that, every single one of them is charged with one of the ten powers of the elements. And all this while fighting monstorous Chaos Demons and proving that myths and legends really do exist.

Now, if all that sounds like something you wanna know more about, then check the link below for the website, where you can not only order the book, but see a preview and view some amazing artwork, and maybe learn a little more about me. So come on down, check it out, and buy yourself a copy, you will not be disappointed!