So, we are having a reading awareness day on Thursday when we try to get our students to appreciate books more than they (apparently) do now. I have been given the task of interesting them in fantasy.

I am to do a 20 minute speech/presentation on fantasy literature and why they should read more of it and, well, I got a bit scared. I have a knack for freestyling lessons and generally do a pretty good job of teaching but now, this might be the only shot Iīve got at introducing many of them to fantasy literature and I really donīt want to screw it up.

My idea was to do a prezi and start out with a movie clip, something from e.g. Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, and then talk about fantasy and finishing off with book recommendations.

But what should I talk about (i.e. the history of fantasy or the social implications of fantasy) and which books should I recommend? And how do I get these kids interested in reading in the competition of video games, social medias and TV?

The kids are 14-15 years old and all except two have seen at least one Harry Potter-movie.