I'm really looking to start building READER REVIEWS rather than media reviews exclusively.

This story is REALLY short (about a 10-15 minute read) but it's earned some good ratings and good feedback, just no serious REVIEWS.

In regards to the reviews, I'm not looking for any amazingly deep and lengthy reviews. Two-three paragraphs are more than adequate.

As you see, I'm still trying to build the buzz around my fiction, and I'd appreciate ANYONE willing to help show some support and express HONEST feedback.

If you like it, great, if not, I want to hear your thoughts as well (never hurts to learn some things I could do to improve on my work)

PLEASE let me know if you're up for something like this.

Here's a link to the story online: Read My Short Story ‘My Hero, Peter Cushing’ « Horror Novel Reviews

If you prefer to put the story on your ereaders, Mobi, Epub, PDF and other formats are available for free download at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/229798

Shout @ me folks, I'd love to see a little support from the RM community - I know a lot of you guys are pretty ****in intelligent, and I know a lot of you are readers with a taste for horror.