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    Neal Asher

    I'm looking to get into Neal Asher's novels. What is a good Polity/Agent Carmac novel that I should start with? And does it matter if i start with the standalone polity novels first or the Agent Carmac novels first? What should i start with?

    Also, how are his standalone novels? Is Cowl a good book?

    Any replies i would appreciate a lot. I'v been seeing his books at stores for awhile now, but i never know where to start, or if it matters what i read first. So i would really love so adc

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    Start with Shadow of the Scorpion. It was written later but is a prequel for the Agent Cormac series. Amazon lists all of the others in order although, apart from an overall timeline, most can be read in any order without too much trouble. If you like these then read the Spatterjay series. I've never read Cowl (I think) and I wasn't all that keen on Hilldiggers for some reason but otherwise he is one of my favourites.

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    I started with Gridlinked, and I have read the first four Agent Cormac books and the first two Spatterjay novels. I think the Spatterjay novels are better books (but this is cutting hairs. 5* books rather than say 4*) but I think you need some grounding in what the Polity is before reading them, so I would recommend starting with one of the other series (I have not read Shadow of the Scorpion so cannot comment if that is a better place to start than Gridlinked).

    I looking forward to finishing both the Cormac and Spatterjay series and moving on to the stand alone novels.

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