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    Hacktivist short fiction market?

    Hey I am hoping someone might have some ideas for me. I am writing some hacktivist sci-fi based in the present or near future, on earth. By hacktivist sci-fi I mean storiers about the underbelly of the web involved in political and corporate sabotage. Think Wikileaks, Anonymous, etc. I know there is a market for novels like this out there. Cory Doctorow seems to be doing great, as are those in the cyberpunk genre like William Gibson and Neal Stephenson. I am wondering if anyone knows of a publication out there that might publish short stories. I've kind of been looking around but haven't seen any short fiction that quite falls into this vein. I have my first piece finished already so I intend to start submitting it.

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    Hey Andrew, I saw you over in the thread, so I guess this has been answered. Good luck submitting!

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