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    Only A Glow (A White Warrior Novel) by Nichelle Rae

    I recently read this book and it was awesome. The characters were believeable and likable. The plot line flowed at a good pace and I love the fact that it has a strong female lead. I would definetly recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy! I can't wait for the 2nd book, The Blaze Ignites, comes out. Anyone else read this book?

    For those who haven't read this book yet, here is a brief synopsis:
    What if the world was ending?
    What if only you had the power to save it?
    And what if your power wasn’t in your control? Welcome to Azrel’s dilemma.

    Only A Glow is the first book in an epic new fantasy series, The White Warrior.

    Join Azrel, her brother Rabryn, and her best friend Ortheldo as they journey across their land to try to save the world from another age of the Shadow Gods rule.
    Along the way they try to find out what’s wrong with Azrel’s magic, because her magic is the only power that will cause the Shadow Gods to stumble and fail.
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