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    I'm danish, but living in Spain

    looking for a book

    I'm looking for a series I started reading many years ago (try around 12 years ).
    I guess it would be scif-fi rather than fantasy, as people were travelling in time.
    The story was following several caracters. I think I took place in the future, probably in a troubled world.
    Some people had a device that could transport objects and people to either the future/past or other world, but no way of transporting them back again.
    Some of them took the risk of being transported to this place they knew very little about, and got instantely captured as they reached the other end.
    Apparently there is a tribal war or something going on, and the humans being sent through are being kept as slaves.

    Does this ring any bells for anyone? I seem to remember there was quite a few books in the series.

    And if anyone has read it, was it good? I might have enjoyed it when I started 12 years ago, but I was 16 then and maybe I wouldn't find it so fascinating now?

    Any info would be helpfull....

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    I suspect the series you are looking for is The Saga Of The Exiles by Julian May...

    1. The Many Coloured Land
    2. The Golden Torc
    3. The Non Born King
    4. The Adversary

    The gist of the tale is that people disaffected with their lives in modern times can return to the distant past to create new lives... however when the arrived there they are taken in bondage by a race called the Tanu, who are stranded on past earth after their ship crashed... there is also another race called the Firvulag.

    Hope this helps

    BTW... it is worth the read

    Since the publication of these books, May has also published a series called The Galactic Milieu, it is mainlt about the Remillard family, and about events that happened before Marc Remillard went back to the past...

    1. Intervention
    2. Jack The Bodiless
    3. Illusio Diamond Mask

    Again, another very good series.

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    I'm danish, but living in Spain
    Thats the one!
    I recognise the author and the name of the books.

    Glad that it is worth the read, I will try to get hold of it.
    So many books to read......

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