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    For those who can spell HTML (and probably know what it means)

    In the process of moving to my new computer I decided to forgo the bloated Visual Studio Express install in order to better maintain my website with a decent editor. I chose this time to go for a nice light alternative called Eclipse. This is an editor widely used by programmers in general (I used it at my last job) and it is both free and doesn't try and dump databases and thirty-thousand different things on your system that you don't want. You download Eclipse from the good folks over at Eclipse.Org, an open-source community. Then, you add in the Web Editor plug-in and you're off and running with an excellent way to do your website work. Plenty of tutorials for install (you will need Java on your machine, but chances are you already have it), and the most difficult thing you might have to do is tweak your Windows PATH variable to point to the Java directory.

    Beats notepad.

    Kerry (who will happily help with instructions on both the Eclipse install and any website questions you have since I do the latter for a living)

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    You might also want to consider:
    KompoZer, Bluefish and Notepad++


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