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    Quote Originally Posted by MattNY View Post
    This is my story as well.

    Ouch, what in the world for?

    Someone had posted a topic, one of those whimsical what would you do moral dilemmas... a man and his dog are having a nice walk across a frozen over lake and the ice breaks, and they fall through... who do you jump in after and save? Almost everybody decided the dog would be the beneficiary of their good will! Save the dog first and if they had the time go back in and help the man.

    To say the least, I was shocked at the response, and said so in no uncertain terms.

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    P. Aaron Potter
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    Given the possible interpretations of the thread title, I'm tempted to say "well, when a man and a woman love each other very much, they share a special hug, and nine months later..."

    But to topic: I was searching for other writers' experiences with my publisher, or similar medium-sized publishers. Since my press is almost exclusively SFF, the writers' forums were the most logical place to start, and I've been enjoying chatting about professional junk over there for several months.

    But now I'm short of books on my iPhone, and needed some reccomendations. Happily, I've found the general forums here very friendly and helpful, so I've been snapping up titles right and left to distract me from the agony of finishing up novels.

    - P. Aaron Potter

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    I had bookmarked the main site, and then discovered the forums a few months later. With my schooling getting close to finishing up, (and the bulk of my textbook reading/researching being done), I was looking forward to making up for lost time aka the last 10-15 years where I hardly read anything at all...

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    Well, I can't really remember anymore - it's just been one of those sites that I periodically follow. Actually, like PeterWilliam, I had an earlier username (from 2001), but lost track of it. Coincidentally, like PeterWilliam, I also lived in Los Gatos (but as a youngster). It's a small world.

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    One day my mommy and daddy fell in, but it is nearly that complicated. I found a link to here on the P&E page, which I found out about on the AW forums, which I found... Still, been a lurker for awhile since, and thought I would join in with some more like-minded fantasy buffs.

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    Google --> "sci-fi" "forum --> click, click

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    Quote Originally Posted by SC1F1 View Post
    Google --> "sci-fi" "forum --> click, click
    Me too.

    Betty Cross

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    I found this site through Google while searching for a book that I could not remember the name of. Thankfully I checked it out, because someone helped me find the book like the next day! And I had been searching for years trying to figure it out lol.

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    I found this site after reading Jim Butcher's Codex Alera and looking for new series to start.

    Thanks to this site I have found some excellent series and authors and I try to frequent this site at least once a day.

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