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    Originally posted by FicusFan

    Those Who Hunt the Night
    Travelling with the Dead both by Barbara Hambly

    The Kiss of the Vampire (republished as) The Night Inside
    Blood and Chrysanthemums both by Nancy Baker

    The Vampire Tapestry, by Suzy Mckee Charnas

    Lost Souls, by Poppy Z. Brite

    Anita Blake Vampire Hunter

    1 (Guilty Pleasures) -7 (Burnt Offerings). I can't recommend the next 3, but the latest, Cerulean Sins, is good. You WILL be lost skipping 3 however - they need to be read in order. by Laurell K. Hamilton

    In The Time of Feasting
    More Than Mortal
    Underland (have yet to read this cause its in HC)

    by Mick Farren

    Ancestral Hungers, by Scott Baker

    Midnight Blue: The Sonja Blue Collection
    A Dozen Black Roses
    Darkest Heart by Nancy Collins

    Blood Brothers, by Brian Lumley

    This starts a new trilogy in his Necroscope series (in which vampires are the bad guys). This one takes you more into the vampire's lives. Not sure if you will be confused if you haven't read from the beginning.

    The rest of the Necroscope series is ok, but vamps are just walk on bad guys.

    The Children of the Night, by Dan Simmons

    The St. Germain Chronicles: 1-Hotel Transylvania
    There are a whole bunch of these, and a parallel series about a vampire named Olivia. She does good Historical Fiction settings, and writing but they were too bland for me.
    by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

    In Terms of Anne Rice's Vampires:

    I think the Tale of the Body Thief is the best of the lot, but you need some of the stuff from earlier books.

    Some of these are out of print. Almost all should be in Paperback, except Cerulean Sins which was just published 4/1/03, and Underland published in 11/02

    Good Luck, and Enjoy
    Wow. Thank you for the very long list, FicusFan.

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    Les Daniels wrote a series of books about a vampire named Don Sabistion who was killed by the Moors in 1492. the first was "The Black Castle" , the second was "The Silver Skull". The third "Citizen Vampire" takes place during the French Revoltion and is particularly gruesome. Igot creeped out when the Dr. in the novel kept grabbing freshly guillotined heads to see if they still had awareness.

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    Vampire novel

    Well, i like The Saga of Darren Shan. It's a series of vampire novels for teens but it's really good. and good enough for readers of all ages.

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    A Scholarly Approach

    One of my personal favorites is "Lord of the Dead" by Tom Holland about Lord Byron. It's an interesting explanation for his travels and seemingly odd behavior. If you enjoy that one go on and read "Slave of my Thirst".

    Mickey Fitz

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    Originally posted by Ouroboros
    I don't think anyone so far has mentioned John Steakley's 'Vampire$', which spawned the terrible John Carpenter movie.

    The novel is pulpy, gory and fun. Though Steakley's writing style is ... er... unconventional.
    You beat me to it. Awesome vampire book, slightly less-than-awesome movie. James Woods played a great Jack Crow, it's not his fault that Steakley's novel was bastardized so badly into a script. Seeing the harpoon on the big screen was pretty rad though.

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    Brian Lumley

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    Tanya Huff wrote six detective books which have a vampire sidekick in them. Blood Price, Blood Lines, Blood Pact, Blood Lust, Blood Trail, Blood Debt.

    They are pretty entertaining. More down to earth than Anita Blake. That is not the publicatioin order though, would have to check that.


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    I found Christopher Golden's Shadow Saga trilogy pretty entertaining ("Of Saints and Sinners", "Angel Souls and Devil Hearts", etc.) and I'm not usually a fan of the vampire sub-genre.

    Oh yeah and a hearty second vote for "Salem's Lot", it revolutionized the classic vampire tale.

    Usually more of a werewolf fan myself "Go Lycanthropes!!!"

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    Yeah Randall, I love werewolves! I found out in "The Vampire Book: Encyclopedia of the Undead" by Dr. J. Gordon Melton, which is a very good reference book by the way, that an unexpectedly large percentage of Americans (forget the exact number) fantasize about being vampires, but me, I'd fantasize about being a werewolf! Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love vampires, but I love werewolves so much more.

    I haven't read any vampire novels yet, beyond Dracula, allthough I certainly plan to, but I would definitely recommend Dracula. A classic vampire tale in every sense of the word! But you probably have read it already no doubt.

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    Are there any vampire books out there that are not written like Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

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    Somebody else mentioned Tom Holland, another great book of his is Supping with Panthers - well worth checking out!

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    I would check out Poppy Z. Brite's books! Lost Souls is one...not sure but I think Wormwood is a book of short stories!

    There wa a book I read a long time is called either Little child or Last Child?? You may have to ask someone! Not a bad read!

    And I just noticed that angelique has quite a good list there!

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    SOme worth reading is Richard Laymon The Stake. Also Masquerade of the red trilogy by Robert Weinberg even though it is set in White Wolfs world of darkness. The clan novels are worth a look at too.

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    Hi, if you are looking for a good vampire book try Brian Lummley's Necroscope.
    There are 13 of them, and each and everyone of them are great reads.

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    Originally posted by djrobc666
    Hi, if you are looking for a good vampire book try Brian Lummley's Necroscope.
    There are 13 of them, and each and everyone of them are great reads.
    Great books. I wish there was a smiliy for thumbs up.

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