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    Subscribing To Threads?

    Is there any way I can prevent the site from automatically subscribing me to any thread I post in. I've been getting a huge amount of emails lately about every little post & it's kind of annoying.

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    Hi Caedus.

    Yes, it should be possible. If you look above your post you should see 'Forum Actions' at the top of the screen. Go to 'Settings' on the drop-down menu. You can change it there.

    For now, I've set your Automatic Thread Subscription Mode status to no subscriptions.

    So I guess option 2 is to let a staff member know and we can manually change it.

    Should solve it. Let us know if it doesn't work: but you might need to log out and log in again for it to work.

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    Thanks for the tip Hobbit. I tinkered around and found this:

    Hopefully that does it. If not I'll make another request.

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