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    While I like the idea of military SF, I'm a relative neophyte when it comes to the genre and have to ask whether this novel is indicative of the these types of books. On the whole, I found it incredibly austere - very straightforward, devoid of any humor, it took itself so seriously that, at times, it almost read like parody. Some terrific battle sequences here (particularly the description of the marine infiltration of the booby-trapped base), but the characters read more like caricatures to me and some of the reactions of the players were simply mystifying (Given Marais's outlook prior to the mission why was anyone surprised when he actually followed through on his stated strategy? Word of the human attack on a Zor civilization manages to filter out and yet news of the Zor attack on a human civilian target is effectively covered up? Sergei and co.'s about-face turn to support Marais felt abrupt and not very convincing. Marais is faced with a huge dilemma - destroy the Zor or have them destroy themselves - only to have the problem solved for him by the sudden and convenient revelation of the Bright Wing.)

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