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    Can anybody say...

    Can anybody say where to download the original (English) variant of Paul Anderson's 'Time Patrol'? I've got two Russian translations (I am russian), but...

    Look, the beauty of this book is not in Patrol work description (tat's just ordinary action); the beauty is in colorful historical moments. I think to show so detailed historical worlds, reader (and the author, of course) should imagine himself the inhabitant of that time! To believe all that gods, to respect landlords, laws and tradtions, to don't know TV or airplanes...

    I want to read it in oroginal language.

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    Nope. Sorry buddy.

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    I don't know how old the book is, but if it is quite old you may get a copy from "Project Guttenburg". I cant remember the web address, but if you type the 2 words into Yahoo (or another search engine) you will get there

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    Sorry dude. Don't have any idea about that.

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