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    Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Morons
    Heroes of Might and Magic series
    Warlords II
    Romance of Three Kingdoms (nintendo, old computer game, etc)

    Also Masters of Magic, Disciples, Fantasy General, & Brigandine.

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    1- Yars Revenge(Atari 2600) Could play literally for hours on end.

    2- Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec(PS2) Love a good driving sim.

    3- Doom(Any platform) Still the best of the 1st person shooters.

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    Romance of the 3 Kingdoms is turbo-sweet, but you need other players to enjoy it's full glory. I've never seen a game that so perfectly brings out each player's personality. (except for maybe Street Fighter 3)

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    Mine would have to be
    1) Vice City
    2) Mortal Combat
    3) Doom

    S many more RPG's but you asked for three!

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    Originally posted by Carmichael
    Doom(Any platform) Still the best of the 1st person shooters.
    Woohoo, so it's not just me! Doom has achieved a rare distinction in the computer world in that it never grows old. Sure, graphics have come on a long way in the last 10 years, but for game-play it's the best. Not to mention it runs perfectly smoothly with not bugs\glitches on almost any computer.

    I add Civilisation 2 and 3 to my list.

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    some old C64 faves.

    Twin Kingdom Valley; one of the very first graphic adventure games.

    Paradroid; All time classic shooter where you detroy and take over robots running amoke on a ship.

    Forbidden Forest; you played an archer in the first real attempt at a visual 3d game, where you had to kill various monsters that wanted to eat you for brekkie, such as giant spiders, a leaping chimera beastie and finally the "Demi-Gorgon"

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    I had so many C64 games, some were so poor! ha ha ha

    What about streets of rage on the mega drive?

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    Is this turning into the old video game reminiscing thread?

    The only Atari/C64 games that I can remember having any fondness for at the moment are Centipede and Defender. I do remember an old RPG for C64 too that no one I know could get far in called Below the Root. Haven't heard anyone yet recognize that title though.

    For NES I still remember the music for Bubble Bobble. I was almost surprised it had an ending! I sometimes wondered if some games have endings. Does anyone know for example if a game like Araknoid, Centipede, Defender, and Section Z have an ending? I wonder if there are people who have actually finished them?

    Bubble Bobble and Contra were the two player partnering games I recall the most.

    Burgertime anyone?

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    Ok, two lists of Top 3's. One for Nostalgia (Old old games), and one for more current (New PC games)


    1) The Bard's Tale - First RPG I ever played. I was sooo addicted to it.

    2) Tie Fighter

    3) Command and Conquer (Started off the RTS, well, Dune 2 did)

    Newer Games.

    1) Homeworld

    2) Total War Games (SHogun and Medieval)

    3) Counter-Strike (Mod for Half-Life)


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    Below the Root!!!!!! I loved that game!.

    It was so darn cool, but I really can't reember it that well! I remember it was huge though. I think I was playing it on an IBM PC. Who cares about the reat of the thread? No ones really answering anyways!

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    1. The Civilization series-- that includes Alpha Centauri. I still think Civ II's probably the best of the bunch.

    2. Diablo II

    3. Starcraft

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    Canada, eh
    3. Tie between Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64) and Mario Kart (N64)
    2. Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance
    1. Super Smash Brothers Melee

    Kilroy Was Here

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    1. Final Fantasy...original NES
    2. Legend of Zelda...original NES
    3. Dragon Warrior series...original NES (yes I am stuck in the past)

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    Oh, I forgot Super Smash Bros Melee in my original group *kicks self repeatedly* take out Streets of Rage 2

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    3. Homeworld(I never get tired of seeing hundreds of fighters blowing the crap out of each other)

    2. Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance(I've been playing this a total of 9 hours and I'm only done 50% of the VR Mission section; it's a great game!)

    1. Final Fantasy 8(I'm generally alone when I say this but I love FF8 more than any other Final Fantasy game; I love the junction system and I find the story to better than any of the others excepting Final Fantasy 6 for Snes)

    Special Mention:

    Final Fantasy 6 (The most epic story of any game ever made)

    Conquest: Frontier Wars (Bought it for 3 bucks at EB; a brilliant strategy game that actually requires strategy instead of simply massing forces. One map took me 7 hours to beat)

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