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    New site to support self-publised e-book

    Visit It's a new twist to self-publishing. Rather than burry the e-book in a list of others, the entire site is dedicated to the book.

    “Dead with Ilsa” is a dark, futuristic, sometimes-humorous journey through the afterlife of Aimels Johnson in an alien inhabited city called Graymin. The web site supports the novel by providing an interactive multimedia experience that provides visitors with a lot of information about the novel before purchasing and downloading it from the site. Visitors can learn about the book and characters through character illustrations and descriptions, reader reviews, and surveys. A free sample chapter can also be downloaded. The site's also built for readers. There are games, a chat room, a fan club, surveys, and an essay contest that add to the fun of reading the novel.

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    Thank you for sharing you knowledge about self-published for e-books.I hope I can do for myself like that. cheers!

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