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    history of science fiction writing

    Im doing research on the exact beginings of science fiction writing.i want to know the people who were influential in these type of literature. kindly send me any information thank you very much.

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    H G Wells, Jules Verne, H P Lovecraft, J R Tolkien, C S Lewis.. they're the first names that come to mind..

    Probably not very helpful.. have you read 'The Encyclopaedia of Sci-Fi'? It's a book I've seen in quite a few places, usually in the sci-fi department. Flicked through one, and there's a **** load of info in it about early authors, mythology and so on. Does that help?

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    Maybe I have got the wrong end of the stick here... but the oldest work of fantasy I have come across in 'The Mabinogion' translated by Lady Charlotte Guest. The book has 10 short stories dating from the 10th centuary. Based on the 'The White Book of Rhydderch' (c. 1300-1325) and 'The Red Book of Hergest' (c. 1375-1425), the tales are very strongly influence by Irish and English Celtic tradition.

    Tolkien used this book as the model for the 'Red Book of the Westmarch' in Lord of the Rings. Maybe I have this wrong... but the word 'Rhydderch' may translate as Westmarch. Tolkien's books (or maybe I should say 'ideas', are not original, in this sense, he interpretated ancient Celtic folklore into a work of modern fantasy fiction, the name 'Elf Friend' used in TLOTR's, is an interpretation of the name 'Alfred', which is one of the oldest English names, which mean 'friend to the little people' or something like that, if I am wrong, I am sure I will be corrected!!!

    Of course... I could recommend Thomas Mallory's 'Mort De Arthur' or Tennison's 'Idyls of the King', but Mallory's work, at the time of publication, was not fiction, it was supposed to be the history of a period in English history. Tennison's 'Idyls' is the work that the modern Aurthurian legend springs from, it places Authur in the mediaveal period of English history, when in fact he is from the 'Dark Ages' (c. 500AD).

    I think this is why the English will stand for no critism of Tolkien, we have an affinity with the themes he raises. Over in England, Tolkien is the very ideal of classic english fantasy, he was a close friend of C.S. Lewis, and the Chronicles of Narnia, are the definitive work of children fiction in this country, however J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books are fast becoming as popular.

    I will shut up now!!!!

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    Most of the authors you mentioned are fantasy authors, not science fiction...
    Jules Verne is considered to be the first Science Fiction author i think, or the first major one.

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    Frankenstein is considered by many to be one of the earliest works of science fiction.

    One of the many times I read it was when it was on the reading list for my Science Fiction Literature class in college.

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