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Maybe I'm just too much of a GTA fan, so much so that I can't accept a different control style without whining (I remember having similar issues with Mafia) . Ahh well, Killer 7 has cheered me up immensely!
Nah, I think you made a lot of good points. In fact, the first one got me pretty pissed off at times but I kept going with it, simply because in spite of little problems I really loved the game. I think The Getaway and GTA appealed to two very different audiences, it's certainly not your fault that you didn't like it If a game's not your thing you should let it go. I remember my friend's slagging me for doing that with GTA, but it just wasn't for me - and I did try to like it (even bought it)

Glad to hear you're enjoying Killer 7, I've yet to play it