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    free girls games
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    "Girls Games" is the name of game that i am currently playing at my pc.

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    Ok, I got in a couple more hours of Max Payne and gave up. I did learn all the controls, so I was using all the special abilities, but it wasn't enough to make me want to keep playing it.

    It is similar to the other Max Payne games (which I loved) but it just didn't seem to have the fun. The people you are shooting at always seemed kind of far away, leading to slow, long distance shootouts that I didn't find bullet time added much to. If you used even the medium target aim assist, it was so easy it wasn't fun, but if you didn't use it, you had to place this almost-invisible reticule on tiny long distance targets and I didn't find that fun either.

    Add to that the long cutscenes of Max drinking himself to death before going out and getting drunk while protecting people he hates, and you don't have a likeable character or a mission you have any interest in accomplishing. I kept asking "Why am I am rescuing this bimbo I hate again?"

    I did just get FEAR3, and while it is much more of a shooter and much less of a horror game than I thought it would be, I am enjoying it quite a bit. Lots of shooting fun. I have not played the others but this one is good.

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    At the moment, Oblivion.
    I'm moving away from the Xbox soon, though, so will go back to trusty GBA games - Golden Sun, Fire Emblem, Pokemon, mostly.

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    Skyrim (a bit, still) and Borderlands 2. Oh man, SUCH an improvement on 1. Even though it's still fetch-questy. And man, Skyrim improved so much mechanically upon Oblivion. The ability to keep walking after encumberance is a godsend. Not having to maintain equipment is okay, though lugging around anything heavier than a piece of cheese is a pain just because.

    *remembers very first video he saw of Skyrim: 10,000 cheese wheels rolling down a mountainside* Hehe! *followed by giants sending you flying, one of whom was only to be killed by a mudcrab*

    WANT Guild Wars 2, but don't have the graphics card, and may need to replace my processor, which will require replacing the motherboard too most likely, and that'll probably mean at least $700 (AU) if not $1000. Le sigh. By the time I'll have that money, the servers will be full of cobwebs and tumbleweeds. I HATE how PCs need to be replaced just to play the latest game - seemingly the moment you've just done that.

    Kinda thinking Halo 4 might be good. You know, since it's been made by a company dedicated solely to Halo. It better be. *shakes fist* 2 wasn't great, 3 was annoying with the constant visions. And did Cortana go from blue to purple?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentDan View Post
    I HATE how PCs need to be replaced just to play the latest game - seemingly the moment you've just done that.
    I have a 4-5 year old PC (~800€) and I can run nearly every game on full settings. Apart from something like the Witcher 2, games have fairly low requirements these days.

    Anyway, I've been playing FTL the last couple of days and loved every minute of it. It's the first kickstarted project I was interested in and a good sign for the rest of the ones I supported (hopefully). Played some Borderlands 2 and had a lot of fun. Love the art style so much, so glad they didn't go with their original "everything's brown" style.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentDan View Post
    I HATE how PCs need to be replaced just to play the latest game - seemingly the moment you've just done that.
    If you do it a bit at a time then it's not a problem, and truth be told you only need to upgrade your processor/motherboard once every five or so years. I'm on my distinct computer in about 5-6 years, and a year after I got this it's still doing really well.

    You really don't need hardcore stuff. I tend to only use midrange products (so my graphics card was about 90, IIRC - GTS 450 1GB, and I used a 9800GT 512MB for about two/three years before that) and they last quite a while if you don't mind toning down a little for the latest games - and, really, most of the "superduper special effects" make the game look vile or are useless on all but the highest-end equipment so it's never worth it IMHO.

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    Currently playing Dark Souls. Holy crap it's hard. I'm still trying to figure it out, but the constant dying is kinda frustrating. I'm just starting to figure out combat though (how you can't just stand and click R1) so it's getting a little easier. Has anyone played this? Any tips?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phil_geo View Post
    Currently playing Dark Souls. Holy crap it's hard. I'm still trying to figure it out, but the constant dying is kinda frustrating. I'm just starting to figure out combat though (how you can't just stand and click R1) so it's getting a little easier. Has anyone played this? Any tips?
    How far into the game are you? What class did you go with?
    Have your shield up at all times when you're in an area you've never been before. Getting a bow to lure enemies into 1v1 fights will save you a lot of pain. When leveling up, you can never go wrong with vitality/endurance. Endurance is probably the most important stat in the game, as it determines your equip burden and the amount of stamina you have to attack/defend. And never attack merchants, they never forget.

    Do you know what stats to look for in weapons/armor/shields?

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    Thanks for the tips. I had just made it to the hub and was exploring Undead Burg. I'm stuck on the boss. The bow is a good idea. I'm playing a cleric, but I can't seem to get heal to proc, so it is not a very useful class. I am either missing something or I just don't get the PS3 control settings for the heal miracle. Maybe I should just try something else.

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    Did you equip the miracle at the bonfire? You have a limited number of attunement slots (determined by your attunement stat), so you have to choose which spells/miracles/pyromancies you have equiped. Not sure what else could be the problem?
    And starting classes don't limit you in any way, you can still play anything you want with the character you have now.

    While you're still in Burg, I recommend buying the Heater shield from the merchant.

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    Playing Skyrim. Very fun... but not nearly as engaging as Dragon Age (I felt way more invested in that story).

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    I've been playing GW2. This game is really good. They've spruced up the mmo format in such a way that everyone has to work together. It makes the game a lot more fun.

    There's area events which are constantly popping up, and everyone in the area, goes running off to them and you work together to take down bosses, guard a caravan, defend a fort, or attack a fort. You get extra XP for it, Guild influence (if you're in a guild. Influence is used to build things for your guild, let it be a bank, a weaponsmith or a catapult to be used at a fort during WvW) and it's a lot of fun.

    World vs World is similar, but it pits different servers against each other. You've got a really big map, like, a continent, and your server tries to control as many forts, supply stations, scouts and supply caravans. So, in order to do that you try to take the other servers' forts, keeps, supply stations, caravans, etc, etc. Which isn't easy. Because these forts and keeps have catapults, trebuchets, burning oil, etc, etc. Last night, a few of us went on to WvW and snuck into the heart of a server's territory. We took out a couple of supply caravans (which you need, because you need those supplies to build all your catapults and trebuchets) got event XP and influence for it and then took out a supply station until we were spotted. Then we had to run away, 'cos we had ten dudes come after us. Then we joined up with a big group and tried to take a fort. That didn't end up so well.

    Because everyone has to work together in this game, people take the time to try to res you, which is a nice touch. A lot of this is due to the fact that people can't steal your drops if they help you kill a mob. You both end up getting a drop. It creates a sense of community.

    So yeah, that's what I've been playing. It's a hoot. Best MMO I've ever played.

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    Gave up on Dark Souls. Just too hard. I didn't have the skills and kept dying over and over. Probably would have been a good game if it wasn't too hard for me.

    On the plus side, I'm playing Batman: Arkham City and loving it. The content is enormous (hundreds of hours), the story has great parts, and they introduce skills and gadgets at the right pace and there are many, many of them. I thought I had been playing quite a bit and realized it showed 7% completed. That doesn't even include the bonus challenge levels.

    It also covers a lot of Batman's enemies. They all seem to pop up at one point or another, but it doesn't seem crowded or forced. Now at 20% complete, I've met Joker, Penguin, Bane, Solomon Grundy, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Hugo Strange, Mister Freeze, Ras al Ghul, Zsasz and Two Face. Damn.

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    Hi all of you,
    Currently i am play Dress Up Games Online . These games are so funny and fantastic , I love to play this type of game, I am crazy for games.. I like funny and puzzle types games...

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    Torchlight 2.

    It has the skillsystem Diablo 3 should have had, which makes Torchlight 2 a better game, even though Diablo 3 got better sound and graphics.

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