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    Need help with a short story.

    Okay. The girlfriend is looking for a story that her mom really liked from years back that she would like to surprise her with for X-Mas. I was hoping some of you geniuses could help put a name to it. The description is a little thin, but here it is in her words:

    It has something to do with a penny and time travel (pretty thin, i know, but that's all i can remember her telling me).

    If need be, we can try to do a stealth interrogation on the mother to try and get some more details without blowing our cover, but see what you guys can do with that. Appreciate the help. Erf.

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    That's pretty sketchy, but I know Richard Matheson's novel Bid Time Return has time travel and a penny. It was the basis for a romantic time travel movie Christopher Reeve made (Somewhere in Time).

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