i agree on catelyn, she annoys me. if nothing else because she was mean to Jon, so she should get the arse.

cersei too, if anyone deserves it, she does.

i'm only up to ACOK, so i don't know if this has already happened in the next books, but I really want Joffrey to die, i hate him so much, i guess that was martin's intention though.

sansa was a bitch in bk 1, and i wanted her dead after what she did to Arya and the direwolves, but after she became imprisoned, she was alot better.

oh, and Samwell Tarly, what a fat wuss!

wow, martin certainly does create characters that move you, one way or the other.

NEVER Tyrion. He's my favourite character and i think that if most of the main characters die, he should be the last one left, surviving through his cunning.