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    Cool Should "Alien 5" be linked to "Prometheus 2"?

    After the recent new news of the upcoming " Alien 5", do we all think that this movie should be linked in some way to the future "Prometheus" sequel? Or do we think they should stay separate?

    I think both films should be separate in the first instance, then maybe produce a combined finale to both storylines.

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    I always wanted a follow up to Alien Resurrection. It would take place on earth, where humans are at war with the creatures and Ripley again needs to take command of the situation. she would again probably need to take on the humans who are trying to control the creatures instead of kill them. I would also love to have one that involved Ripley meeting the Predators, but that may be reaching at this point.

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    i wouldnt mind

    if they had related ending to each other . i wouldnt mind if they did that to each movie.

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    This is just my humble opinion but maybe the best thing they can do for both franchises is to merge them together so all these murderous, violent aliens can go exterminate each other and put the whole mess out of it's misery once and for all.
    Personally I think the whole Alien franchise went seriously downhill after James Cameron's wild-ride masterpiece Aliens. I saw Prometheus and was underwhelmed by the stupidity of all the characters involved not to mention the far-fetched plot. Why make a sequel out of that mess? At least with the Aliens franchise there was something to milk.
    While I'm sure that there are many out there that loved these movies I'm all for some fresh ideas. Enough of the sequels already!

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