Just a heads up for those that have downloaded B5Scrolls or have been following the interviews and articles.

The next update should be in the next month or two and will include orthos of a handful of the original Lightwave 3D models used on the show. The above image has a background of the production sketches which Steve Burg sent over – and are already on the site – along with a foreground showing the original 3D Thunderbolt model made in Lightwave, with a bit of the wireframe showing through.

If you have been following the site, the current update is dated 26th October, 2014…. And includes a new section that looks at the N’Grath character and an interview with Jim McPherson who largely designed the big guy. There’s even some previously unreleased behind the scenes video from the co-founder of Optic Nerve, Everett Burrell, along with the artwork and photos. This is just a small sample of the new stuff added in the last update.

BTW. Since I’m still deciding which of the original Lightwave 3D models to add in the next update (the orthos should be very handy for anyone wanting to do an accurate scratch build of them), let me know if anyone has any preferences. Dropping a note here or better yet on the Facebook page would be handy – as the addition of the model images is a one time deal and will be limited to a half dozen or so.

As always, all the new content from the guys who worked on the show will be included in the download of the website.

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