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Thread: TCG Pokemon

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    TCG Pokemon

    I'm not sure if this question is appropriate for this forum, however I'm going out on a long shot here:

    My friend and I are looking to start playing the Pokemon card game, we both really loved the show since we were young, and played the game from 1st gen to the Pokemon Sapphire gen. I had Pokemon White but it is honestly crap.

    I was just wondering how we should go about starting to collect the cards to play against each other. Any inteo packs, fat packs or bundles focusing on the classics?

    I would like to apologise if I have offended anyon with this post if they feel it does not belong here. I shall remove it if th community wishes, otherwise I thank you for your help!

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    Certainly no offense in asking, but unless someone here happens to have played/ collected Pokemon, we don't likely have much information to help you. Certainly not me (far too old). My advice would be to Google "Pokemon"; surely there are on-line groups devoted to it. Good luck.


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    I'm going to move you over to the other media forum on this one, since if we've got game players who will know what to advise, they'll be there.

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    Oh man I would have to say e-bay is your best bet, or try to find a way to play the Pokemon TCG video game, I think it was on a portable console

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