I'm a little surprised to not see a recent thread talking about music and it's use in media to either enhance the themes of other mediums or as a means of expressing these themes in their own right.

Being a metal listener, I know in that genre there's really no lack of these themes cropping up in the works of various acts. Perhaps one of the most known (and I imagine at least some people here would know of it) is the Blind Guardian album Nightfall in Middle Earth, a concept album based on Lord of the Rings. But there's a great many other albums with conceptual leanings both as grand and more modest.

One of my personal favourites is The Dark Saga by Iced Earth, which is based on the Spawn comic by Todd McFarlane. In many ways i prefer the album as an expression of the ideas of that comic, mainly because it's much more concise about it. It also ends with an incredible song, A Question of Heaven. Iced Earth also later did an album called Horror Show with songs based around various classic horror stories, particularly songs based on The Omen and Dracula were exceptional.

i have plenty more to add but I think I'll save it for later. I'm interested in hearing people's views of music on this forum.