Hm, fair point. But those Adam Hughes covers are dreadful. Can that guy do anything other than sameface and big boobs? Funny how he's held up as a great artist (Terry Dodson isn't much different, admittedly, but I think his work can look better) whereas Greg Land is criticised for much the same thing (sameface and big boobs, not to mention his inability to draw the human form).


Reading New Crusaders as it comes out in monthly editions. Really quite interested to see how it goes, and I like how a non-white, female character seems to be getting a lot of push in marketing (even if she's not had all that much spotlight in the comics yet, bar a part in Issue 3).

And today I took delivery of Honour Among Punks, a collaboration between Guy Davis (Sandman Mystery Theatre, B.P.R.D., etc.) and Gary Reed (I dunno) which is like a punky take on Sherlock Holmes... where Holmes and Watson's analogues are female. Looking forward to getting my teeth into it. Yummy, comics as old as me.