Hey what's up I'm pretty well read when it comes to the majority of the fantasy epics, so right now I'm kind of having some difficulty finding a real nice fantasy epic to chew on.

I've read a couple of Goodkind's SoT (thought they were pretty good though im iffy about the third, read one of Jordans books (a little too cliched and stereotypical hero stuff for my taste) read Martin (unimpressed greatly) read Feist (excellent stuff) read Kings Darktower (greatest epic in the fantasy realm) read Marcos series, both of em (great stuff, definetly like the gray area) read Hobb (not exactly my taste) and of course Tolkiens stuff (a little boring to me, but Similarion looks like something I should still read) and that's about it.

So if anyone can throw out some fantasy epics to check out it would be greatly appreciated, also just to add a little spice, tell me some that I should steer clear of. Thanks a bunch!