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    so, a question about eddings; should i start with his old sheiße , or the newer stuff?

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    old stuff. I enjoyed it all up to Redemption.

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    The old stuff is usually the best, and that generalization holds for Eddings. I apologize to him in advance, I loved his earlier first 20 or so books, but could not get into the Elder Gods series. It was well written, with good plotting and characters, just didn't have the "magic" of the earlier writings.

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    I guess that last comment was pretty redundant, I failed to review the earlier comments from last year by me in this thread - pretty much a rehash of that.

    As to Robin Hobb, and Acacia by David Durham, I was impressed by both writers. Acacia started out slowly, but really ended well. I am ready for #2 in the series, but I think it doesn't come out until September, and is in hardback form. Just enjoyably reading all around.

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    With Eddings, The Malloreon is almost the same story as The Belgariad. The characters even comment on it. Yes, one of Eddings's themes is the cyclical nature of the Prophecy, but that's not really enough to read five more books telling the same story as the first five. I would say you could safely read The Belgariad and walk away having read the best Eddings has to offer.

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    I agree with Daily Rich about Eddings, although I did stick with him and his wife until Belgarath the Sorceror, but then when Polgara the Sorcereress was basically a rewrite of Belgarath only from a female point of view I gave it up. Effectively what had been done was take Belgarath, do a replace all of Belgarath with Polgara and hey presto instant best seller!

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    have you tried terry brooks shannara seris it is a great fantasy epic. another to try is RA Salvatores Demon War Saga.
    Demon War Saga was my favorite! And Salvatores is my fav author

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