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    Name that sci-fi story.

    Hi. I'm having trouble remembering the name of a book I read in my childhood that involved a race of highly advanced rogue robots in space. It's from circa 1980. They were kind of like the classic cylons or the modern star trek borg.

    The book I read was a collection of short stories from different authors (I think) that all revolved around a central story. In the main story a group of human resistance fighters (or something like them) were taken captive to the robot homeworld and put in prisons. Then they would take a group of them and hook them up to machines. This would set up the other short stories because the machines they were hooked to allowed them to see other events involving humans and the robots. Don't know if that makes sense.

    In one of the short stories that I remember, starts with a group of humans from earth that crash landed on a distant planet. After thousands of years, this group evolved their own civilization. They built a state-of-the-art subluminal starship. Packed them with engineers and diplomats in hypersleep. Left the ship in charge of two horny teens. And set them off in the direction of earth. After a few years of traveling, the ship eventually came upon the rogue robots. The two pilots eventually overcame them and blew the robot ship up. The pilots decided to return home because they realized FTL travel was possible after they dodged one of the robot's FTL missiles.

    If I remember correctly, the author of the robots was quite renowned and had his own series of books involving them. Any help remembering this book or author would be appreciated. If my continued google searches turn up anything I'll be sure to let you all know.

    Sorry for the long-winded post.

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    I found it. The series is from Fred Saberhagen, called Berserker.

    I still don't know which book that short story was in, but I think it was called Berserker Base (1985), according to the wiki.

    Here's the page that tipped me off. I saw the word 'Berserker' and my mind just clicked.
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