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Thread: Daniel Keyes!!

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    Daniel Keyes!!

    I recently finished reading Flowers for Algernon and i loved it!! I'm in process of delaying my next read to have time to read CliffsNotes Flowers for Algernon which is a study of the book by Janet Clark and Daniel Keyes... probably also going to get Algernon, Charlie and I: A Writer's Journey: Plus the Complete Original Short Novelette Version of "Flowers for Algernon"!! So u see how i loved the book!!

    Just wondering if anyone read The Minds Of Billy Milligan (which has excelent rating in amazon) or The Touch by the same author!!

    Any thoughts??

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    I'm afraid Algernon is all I've read either! I'd love to know more about Keyes, too. Anyone?

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    I rather think Flowers for Algernon is a bit of a one-off. DK has written very little other science fiction. Most of what he has written seems to revolve about Flowers for Algernon.

    Apparently the book didn't please everyone:

    "Daniel Keyes' acclaim, however, was not universal. Some critics found his novel pornographic, sexually explicit, and irreligious. Consequently, censors kept Flowers for Algernon on the top of their "banned books" list for years (Small, 254). Though best known for Algernon, Keyes' prolific body of published works also includes novels The Touch (1968), The Fifth Sally (1980) and Unveiling Claudia (1986), the non-fiction true-crime novels The Minds of Billy Milligan (1981) and The Milligan Wars (1986), many short fictional pieces, and the recent memoir, Algernon, Charlie and I : A Writer's Journey (2000 "

    This link gave me the above information.

    I enjoyed the story immensely when I read it, and found it moving, but hardly pornographic.


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    I am now starting to read CliffsNotes Flowers for Algernon , an ebook i got from amazon... it seems interesting enough... I'll keep u informed about it!! Hope someone read anything from Keyes besides Flowers for Algernon !! If not i'll probably do it soon!!

    I enjoyed the story immensely when I read it, and found it moving, but hardly pornographic.
    Same here... but what can i say... i would only be astonished if the book pleased everyone...!!

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    I loved Flowers for Algernon but absolutely hated The Touch. Couldn't believe the two books were written by the same author. Unfortunately, I don't remember much beyond that, as I read it in high school... I remember it's about an artist, and the artist is repulsed by the female pregnant form. He therefore (I think) doesn't want his partner to get pregnant. I can't remember what this has to do with the plot though. Sorry to be so nonspecific.

    I might be more interested in The Minds of Billy Milligan, judging by the reviews on Amazon.

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    yeah... that's probably what i'll be reading next by him (this short post was just to test my new signature )

    Edit: My signature doesn't appear... too bad...maybe next time!! My avatar is the book i'm currently reading...

    P.S.- Why is the clock 20 minutes behind?? (don't know the right expression )

    Signatures are disabled on these forums (some sigs ended up larger than the posts themselves). As for the clock, it's always been a little screwy. This forum has its idiosynchrocies - fluffy bunny
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