I was just browsing amazon.co.uk, and as well as noting that book 5 of ASoIaF's due next month, I noticed that GRRM also has his name attibuted to a series of books called 'wild cards.'

I've read ASoIaF so far, along with Fevre Dream (which I preferred), and was wondering what people thought of Wild Cards. They seem a lot more orientated to 4 colour superhero comic storytelling, and seem like fun. Here's the blurb from book 1

The alien virus arrived on Earth just after World War II-and the world was never the same. For those who become infected, there are two results: death, or transformation. And depending on the recipient, death is sometimes the preferable outcome. Only a few lucky ones become superhuman "aces" as a side effect of the virus; and the rest are turned into horrible, grotesque "jokers." It's a strange and wonderful, terrible and terrifying world where anything can go. A world that, in a twist of fate, could lie just outside your door.
Has anyone read these? How many volumes are there? Is the series complete? What did people think?