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    Just rambling

    It's been a while since I've been on here as I started writing on my novel then basically got sidetracked by life. I have been getting that constant itch to pick back up my pen but during my hiatus I've read a plethora of more books and have realized that everything is basically the same thing just different characters and plot still the same old basic thing. The best analogy that comes to mind is steak lol. You can cook it different ways and season it differently but at its core it's still just steak. Now don't get me wrong there are scrap steaks and succulent steaks just like stories. My problem is I want to break away from that and I thought just writing in the Grimdark genre would be it but now I've realized it's just a stepping stone. How do you write something that all your life you've been taught that all stories have a protagonist, antagonist, a beginning, a climax, and the ending? It's always the same a hero or heroes and a bad guy or bad sovereign power? I've got a hero and a outline but now I want to break away. Any suggestions?

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    You could try thinking of fiction not as "steak", but as "food". If you perceive all the myriad forms creative writing can come in as merely differently seasoned, different quality versions of the same thing, yes, you could start to lose your appetite for it. I'd prefer to look on them as different dishes from different cultures - scifi is from India, say, but that doesn't mean all scifi is a straightforward curry... There's lots of different spices, lots of different ingredients - and then there's lots of other countries to sample out there too.

    Having said that: I personally embrace the hero's journey, three-act-structural model of story telling, and I don't consider it stultifying in the least. There can be weak and strong uses of it, but (at the risk of provoking a debate that's already been had) if you're looking for stories that DON'T have "a protagonist, antagonist, a beginning, a climax, and the ending", then what you're really looking for is "not a story".
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