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'Untitled' and 'Waterfields' are drawn with graphite and/or charcoal. The others appear to be a combination of traditional and digital art. Tell me if I'm wrong, because as you said the line is very thin. The others could very well be skillfully executed oil paintings for all I know.

Nonetheless I really like your style and skill with a pencil.

You got it!

All started off as pencil sketches with the two full color pictures "painted" in Photoshop. I can draw with the best of them, but I'm nothing special with acrylics and oils. As mentioned by another poster further up the thread, when you're working in photoshop or whatever app is to your liking you can always go back and start a session over again.

And thanks for the compliment, it was nice to hear it as it's been some years now that I put pencil to sketchpad.